Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Red Rooster

I recently finished this shovelhead chopper as a make work, make money, side project this winter.  The Red Rooster was used with left over parts from my knucklehead and various other bikes and swap finds.  #months from bare frame to finished, I am really pleased with how this bike turned out.  I was planning on putting it up for sale soon but alas it has been spoken for and will be heading west to the streets of Winnipeg very soon. My brother from another mother Jordan Epp paired up with the fine folks at Oil and Rust and did a little feature on this bad bird.  Photos and words by Jordan.  Check it out here

Friday, March 1, 2013


For those of you who don't know me, my name is Brian Jessop.  I live in Western Canada in a place called Saskatoon and I build choppers.  I really dont care much for modern motorcycles so I stick to the old junk.  I also buy and sell alot of vintage parts and do a little parts fabrication on the side.  I recently adopted a shop name to blanket my work, The Hard Ride Vintage Cycles.  You  may recognize myself and my bikes from the blog Fiftys Haze.  Well since all the cool kids are hooked on Instagram (myself included) it seems almost silly to start a new blog.  But i'm going to be silly and do it anyway.  I will try my hardest to update as often as I can.  Please feel free to add this blog to your link pages and if you want to avoid checking in here, you can follow me on Instagram at @thehardride.  Heres a little sneak peek of my upcoming knucklehead build.  I am planning on having this bike finished in time to take it to California in June for two weeks of riding, boozing and beaching.  oh and of course attending a little bike show called Born Free!